Oral presentations at this symposium will be held online via Microsoft TEAMS

-  Presentations at this symposium are held online via Microsoft TEAMS and REMO.
-  Only registrants can watch presentation movies.
-  Participants who cannot join on time can also watch presentation movies online.
 The presentation movies are available from the day before the symposium is open.
 Movies of live events are also available after the live events are finished.
 Both movies are open to only the registrants for about 1 week after the symposium (ONLY Watching, NOT Downloading).
 Poster presentations have live discussions via REMO.
 Images of the posters and the discussions at the poster presentations are not recorded.
- ¡ÚAbout handling the presentation movies¡Û
 ¢¨ Registrants can only watch the movies and not download in the online system.
 ¢¨ The movies are deleted after the open period and not stored.
¢¨ Saving, recording, and redistributing of the movies and presentation materials (including screen shots) are prohibited.
-  Some troubles, e.g., presentation materials are not displayed or no sounds come out, are expected according to your environments. 
 The symposium office will give presenters and participants information separately, please check the operations in advance.

-  Presenters should login 10 min. before your session starts.
-  Oral presentations include 15-min. presentation and 5-min. Q&A, totally 20 min.
 Session chairs will close your presentation if your presentation time is over.
-  Presentation movies submitted beforehand will be broadcasted in 15-min. presentation, and move on to Q&A after finished.
 Please consider it to take enough time for Q&A when preparing the presenation movies.
-  Presentation materials should be prepared to display on the screen in Q&A.

-  Presentations should accord with the manuscripts submitted beforhand.
-  Presentation slides should be described in ether only English or both Japanese and English.