Women in Combustion, Japan

Women in Combustion (WiC) is made of industry professionals, students, professors and government workers whose goal is to promote and advance women in the field of combustion.

Women in Combustion, Japan is organized by Combustion Society of Japan (Japan section of Combustion Institute) to support all women working in or studying combustion in Japan. As a part of this activity, WiC luncheon was organized during 53rd Combustion Symposium in Tsukuba, Japan.

How to Join
Please email your contact information (name, affiliation) and a few words about yourself.
Contact: Sayaka Suzuki (National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster, Japan)
Email: wic@combustionsociety.jp

Upcoming Activity
*2016/8/2 Women in Combustion Coffee Break in 36th International Combustion Symposium (Seoul, Korea)
*2016/11/24 Woman in Combustion Luncheon in 54th Combustion Symposium in Japan (Sendai)

Past Activity
2015/11/17 Woman in Combustion Luncheon in 53th Combustion Symposium in Japan (Tsukuba)

Request and Comments to Combustion Society of Japan.