Manuscript format updated: July 20, 2017 new!
- Please read below and the Fromat file carefully and follow the instructions.

Contents of the manuscript The manuscript should be include the contents which can be well understood
and discussed by the combustion researchers who will attend the symposium.
The contents of the manuscript must be consistent with the presentation.
Title and authors Title and authors (including the presentator and the order of the authors)
on the manuscript should be identical to the information on the registration.
Size and margines The manuscript should be in A4 size (210 297mm)
with the margins of (top: 25mm, bottom: 15mm, left: 16mm, right: 16mm).
Length of the paper The maximum number of pages is two (2) pages, including figures and tables.
Publication All the manuscripts are distributed in an electronic format (USB memory)
Therefore, all color figures will be published in color at no cost.
Manuscript format Please read through the Fromat file carefully and follow the instructions.
PDF: Format(PDF)    MS-Word: Format(Word)
Submission deadline Sep. 8, 2017 (Fri)

For more information, contact =>Symposium Secretariat