Flame photograph contest (updated: Mar. 28, 2017)
  The flame photograph contest will be held at the 55th Symposium (Japanese) on Combustion.
In the past contests, outstanding photographs from the scientific as well as the artistic aspects have been exhibited.
We encourage finding and photographing beautiful, fantastic flame appearances in your research or daily life, and submitting them to the contest.
  The highest quality photograph will be awarded and appeared in the Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan for 1 year.
  General photograph of flame which does not include the commercial intention is acceptable.
You can submit not only the ordinal photograph but also the image processed by such as CG. Output of the numerical simulation is also acceptable.
  Anyone can submit the photograph to the contest. We accept the submission of the non-regular member of the combustion society of Japan.
SizeA4 (210 ¡ß 297 mm)¡¤8.5" x 11" (216 ¡ß 279 mm)
Qualitybetter than glossy paper (durable paper)
Items mentionedMention the following items to a paper and attach to the photograph¡¥
(1) Name of applicant   (2) Affiliation   (3) Address
(4) Title of the work   (5) Short description on the work
- The work (photograph) will not be returned
- Copyright of the awarded photograph (which will be appeared in the "Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan") belongs to the Combustion Society of Japan.
Deadline for the submission
Nov. 1, 2017 (Wed.)
Submission address
Address: Secretariat of the 55th Symposium (Japanese) on Combustion
Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineerign, Toyama University
3190 Gohuku, Toyama-shi, Toyama 930-8555, Japan
e-mail: sympo55@combustionsociety.jp